emberlight Socket

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The simple and secure way to control your lights from anywhere.

Turn your regular dimmable bulbs into smart lights with the emberlight Socket. Just screw in a bulb - that's it. No complex wireless hub to install and configure.

  • The emberlight socket turns your dimmable bulbs into smart lights
  • You control the type of light source, while we add connectivity and intelligence
  • Very simple setup, no extra hub required (Bluetooth and WiFi are built-in)
  • Control your lights securely from anywhere in the world with the emberlight ios & android apps
  • Control a light light, a group of lights or use a preset scene (mood). Automate with IFTTT, or by voice using Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

    Emberlight Model # SE26W001

    Size E26 (screw type base used in North America)
    Bulb Types Incandescent (up to 40W), Halogen (up to 40W), dimmable LEDs, dimmable CFLs.
    Voltage  120V
    Dimensions 54mm diameter, 73mm height (42mm added height to bulb)
    Weight 0.15 lbs
    Restrictions Not for use on existing dimmer circuit (e.g. wall dimmer)

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