Turn any bulb into a smart light

with emberlight socket

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Simple to setup. Flexible to use.

Screw in a dimmable bulb

That's it. No additional complex wireless hub to install and then configure.

Connect to Wi-Fi

Our smartphone app guides you through connecting to your home's Wi-Fi network.

Take control

Then take control with a tap on the app, Amazon Alexa, Google Home or IFTTT.

Your house welcomes you home when you return at night,

A single tap creates any mood with preset light levels,

or turns off that forgotten outside light from your bed.

Make your home brighter.

Use your existing bulbs

Full brightness control of any mix of incandescent (max. 40W) and dimmable CFL or LED bulbs.

Device friendly

Connects to your iOS or Android phone and tablet. Uses both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


Set the mood by dimming a group of sockets with a single touch.

Safety & security

Turn your porch light on as you approach your house. Have your lights turn on when your alarm system is triggered through IFTTT.

Remote control

Control your lights from anywhere in the world.

Grows with you

Take everything with you if you move. No wires to untangle or hubs to disassemble.

What people are saying

A new company called Emberlight wants to make it easier and more affordable for you to enjoy the benefits of a connected bulb by offering a product that works with your existing lightbulbs. It also doesn't require the "wireless hub" that ship with competing smart bulb products.

Sarah Perez TechCrunch

Smart lighting certainly has a lot of appeal, but what if you've already invested in non-smart bulbs that promise to last decades? San Francisco-based startup Emberlight thinks it has the solution, with a brainy adapter that promises to smarten up your existing stock of light bulbs.

Ry Crist c|net

If you think it would be handy to control your home's lighting through your mobile device but you've still got a box full of ordinary light bulbs in the closet, emberlight bids itself as the solution: a smart socket that lets you control any light bulb with your smartphone.

Brittany Hillen SlashGear

Smart homes can help you save time and money in the long haul, but are very costly to set up... One company hopes to change that. Emberlight is a San Fransisco-based startup with a simple idea; create an attachment that can turn any lightbulb into a smart bulb.

Chris Hutton Tom's Guide

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