It turns any light into a smart light. A simple plug and play adapter that gives you control of your lights from anywhere in the world. It can even use proximity to control your lights. No hub required. No complicated installation.

Adjust many lights with a single touch.

Automatically turn lights on or off
if your hands are full.

Have your lights simulate being
at home while you're away.

Dim your lights slightly. You
won't notice but the power grid will.

Use Incandescents, halogens, dimmable CFLs and dimmable LED bulbs.

Turn your lights on or off automatically based on proximity to the phone in your pocket or other Bluetooth LE wearable.

Control a single or multiple lights at once right from your smartphone. Dim your lights manually or automatically.

Automatically turn lights on/off based on BLE proximity. Set a mood with quick presets for your lights. Automatically dim up lights in the morning like sunrise.

Turn lights on from a distance before returning home. Simulate being home by having lights turn on/off while away.

Know what lights are on in a single room or the whole house. Know how your lights are being used.

Turn your lights on/off from anywhere in the world. Provide temporary access to guests.

Reduce your energy consumption. Get suggestions on how to optimize your lighting use.